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Fermiamo la persecuzione contro il Prof. G.N. Saibaba dell’ Università di New Delhi! STOP PERSECUTION AGAINST PROF. G.N. SAIBABA

21 september meeting of International Commitee support peoples war in 


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5 october 2013

Down to the persecution against Professor GN Saibaba, from New Delhi 

We strongly condemns the arbitrary action of the Indian forces of 
repression, in another desperate attempt to silence the voices of 
dissidence. On Sept. 12, 2013, the house of Professor GN Saibaba, was raided 
by 50 agents whit the pretext to search "stolen materials".

In the arbitrary operation, the agents prevented Professor Saibaba and his 
family from go out home, receiving visitors, making and receiving phone 
calls and contact an attorney. They didn't found any stolen material and 
went out from Saibaba's house carrying personal belongings of the family, 
including mobile phones, pen-drives and copies of publications of the 
Revolutionary Democratic Front of India (RDF), the organization on which Dr. 
Saibaba is secretary.

The Indian state with its common practices and increasingly recurrent 
persecution, killings, arbitrary arrests and baseless accusations against 
the defenders of the people's struggle, try to stop the struggle of a people 
who will not surrender in the face of intimidation and harassment.

Because of his choice to work in behalf of people, his effort to denounce 
the Operation Green Hunt, his work as an academic professor, his democratic 
and committed role on the defense of Indian people in the struggle against 
oppression, violence and misery, we pay our solidarity and respect to 
Professor GN Saibaba. We also condemn the fascist Indian state for their 
crimes against the people and their leaders and declare that the Brazilian 
people stand in support of the Indian people in their just struggle for 
national and social liberation. 

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